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* Consumer electronics PCBA    * Industrial control PCBA  
* Power supply Mainboard        * 3D Printer Mainboard        
* Household Appliances PCBA    *Automotive control PCBA

 1-12 layers, FR4, CEM, Halogen-free, High CTI 
 Immersion Gold, HASL, Immersion Tin,Plating Gold Finger.

Power Adapter

  * ZLF-ADA-001
    Brand: Aline

Input voltage range:100-240V  The output voltage:18V
Product size:114*50*30mm    The product weight:210g
Color:Black; Customizable white  The length:85*30mm
Applicable form of charger:general


 * ZF-HUB-0001
 Model:2013U                                  Brand:Aline      
The interface number:4 in1 turn 1 + 2.0 * 3.0 * 3 start
Interface:USB 3.0                                    Aluminum alloy casing
Line length:13.5 cm                          The size of pcs: 12.5*6*1cm
The weight of pcs:37.1g                The size of box: 49*32.5*17.5cm
The weight of box: 9.7Kg    (25pcs/box) 
 Transmission rate:5Gbps
Whether to connect to external power supply:No external power supply

Docking Station

  * ZF-STA-0001
 Model :USB-C2007                                Brand:Aline                   

The interface number:6 in1 type - C turn HDMI + pd + TF SD  + start + 2.0
Line length:13.5 cm                       Interface:TYPE-C
Shell: aluminum alloy +ABS           Color: dark grey
Mother that HDMI + USB30 + USB20 + PD + SD + TF
Type: Plug and play   Transmission rate:5Gbps   Mobile phone use: suitable for mobile phone port extension/support ORG



2018,our company has expanded its business to manufacturing and selling the  Consumer eledtronic products.
(power adapter,USB HUBS,docking station,etc).

ODM,OEM--PCBA                                                                                  Products
•  PCB design                                                                                * Power Adapter
•  Components Sourcing                                                                 *  USB HUBs
•  Part Fit Assembly                                                                       *  Docking Station
  We Are Product Idea Accelerator                                                 * Type-c to HDMI extension cable

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